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Welcome on the OGame Automizer Development/Support Forum

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the
http://ogameautomizer.com/doc/manual.html : A guide written by OA users with consultation of OA author (En)

http://ogameautomizer.com/doc/manual_de.html : A guide written by OA users with consultation of OA author (Benutzerschnittstellenhandbuch) (GE)

http://ogameautomizer.com/doc/scripting_manual.html : OA Scripting Manual (En)

Author Topic: About OGame Automizer  (Read 44618 times)

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About OGame Automizer
« on: September 12, 2009, 04:48:52 AM »

Welcome in OGame Automizer : The way it must be played (OGame Client)

Official Web site : http://ogameautomizer.com
Development Forum : http://forum.ogameautomizer.com

Currently OGame Automizer is the most powerful OGame Bot because it has Integrated Battle Simulator to simulate battles and evaluate enemy during farming, it can automatically attack inactive and active players. Also it has a Construction Queue, so you can add any buildings/technologies to it, even more, there is a Construction Simulator that can develop your planet in your place, it's very useful for new colony development (transporting "just in time" is not yet implemented, but it'll be done).
And even more, see screens and offered features.
OGame Automizer is an OGame Client, undetectable by Server because it emulates your Browser requests.
The name Automizer is because at the begging of universe I used the program named Automize Enterprise to program buildings construction queue

Configuration :
OGameAutomizer.jar : OS compatible : Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (*) : need Java 1.5 or higher
OGameAutomizer.exe : OS compatible : Windows only
Installeted JRE 1.5 or better 1.6
Min screen resolution : 1024x768
Memory usage : 128 Mb, OGame Players Data Base will ask up to 256 Mb from your system
* - newer version uses Integrated Internet Browser or Integrated Mozilla, and supports that feature only on x86 version of JRE. IE is used on Windows, Mozilla on Linux.

Features :
- Multi Account / Multi Server Management
16 OGame account can be managed simultanously on Different Server : .de .pl .fr .it .org .ru .pt .ba .nl .gr .tw .com.hr .com.cn ...
- Fleet Saver
- Integrated Battle Simulator
- Construction Simulator
- Spy Players Activity
- Sound alerts (attack, spying, new message, your attack is arriving to destination)
- E-mail you, if attacked
- Customizable Sounds (Place your Hard Core .mp3 in "MySoundsWhenI'mAttacked" to play them when you are attacked)
- Production Statistics
- Fleets movements
- Overview of all planets (fleets movements, production and buildings/techs/fleets/defences)
- Automazed invest with Construction Queue
- Automazed transport fleet sending (fleet scheduler)
- Players Data Base
- OA Time Activity Scheduler
- Integrated Browser (Mozilla or IE, accoding to OS)
- Universal Fleet Sander
- Proxy connection supported (only Basic HTTP/Proxy Connection is supported)
- Languages support (translated in 22 languages)

Screenshots :







unpack the zip file "OGameAutomizer.zip" in a folder
then try to run, if it's doesn't work, check if you have JAVA installed on your PC

Download and install : JAVA Runtime Environment (Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment)
on : http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp
Some features only disponible on Java 1.6 : Tray Icon, launch Web Default Browser
but OGame Automizer is compotible with JRE 1.5 (needed for Mail service, popup windows)

Double click on "OGameAutomizer.exe" or "OGameAutomizer.jar",
if it's doesn't works, check if you have JAVA Runtime Environmentuse then use "run.bat"
if it's doesn't works also, edit "run2.bat" and modify the link to "java.exe"
Edit(or create) the file run2.bat (located in OA folder) copy this :

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\java.exe" -jar OGameAutomizer.jar

Where "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\java.exe" is the path to the installed Java (edit/correct it, if doesn't correct)
Save the file and execute it (double click on run2.bat)

How to
1. Unblock the application with your Firewall
2. Use the integrated Internet Browser to logon on OGame site (see the OGame supported version) : ogame.com, ogame.fr, ogame.ru ...
3. Then click with Right Button on any link and select 'Copy Shortcut',
4. Automizer will starts automatically, if not
4.biz. paste it DIRECTLY IN 'SESSION KEY' FIELD, you will have something like this :
in this mode you can SIMULTANEOUSLY difine Scheduled Tasks in OGame Automizer AND play in integrated Internet Browser

You can also Logon (Autologon) with OGameAutomizer, just entre your login and password
and be sure that the server address had been detected before

OGame Automizer comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and you are welcome to redistribute it

Fleet Saver
Immediately after attack detection,
1. OA try to determine witch planet is attacked, and WHILE you have any ships on attacked Planet => point 2
2. determine on witch planet OA can save your fleet
a. you have only one planet, save the fleet on ATTACKER PLANET
b. you have more then one planet, save the fleet on the more far planet from attacked (of cause OA determine have you or not needed deuterium for the trip)
3. Stop OA current job, if there is any
4. Start to Save the fleet by defining Scheduled Task with Get All Res., Get All Ships, Speed 10%

- DIRECT  which represents a direct connection, or absence of proxy.
- HTTP which represents a proxy using the HTTP protocol.
- SOCKS which represents proxy using either SOCKS v4 or v5.

E-Mail configuration
Ex : GMail
SMTP Server : smtp.gmail.com     Port : 465
Username : xxxxx@gmail.com     Password : *********

SMS Notification
via : Betamax account (tested with voipcheap.com and sipdiscount.com, but Betamax have many clone sites)
OA -> Advanced options -> Triggers -> Execute a commend
"C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe\\\" https://myaccount.voipcheap.com/clx/sendsms.php?username=YOUR_ACCOUNT&password=PASSWORD&from=+YOUR_NUMBER&to=+YOUR_NUMBER&text=OA:+Arrival+Time+of+the+First+Attack+%FirstAttackArrivalTime
If you are under Linux/Mac OS X :
wget --no-check-certificate https://myaccount.sipdiscount.com/clx/sendsms.php?username=xxxxxx&password=yyyyy&from=+329999999&to=+3288888888&text=OA:+Arrival+Time+of+the+First+Attack+%FirstAttackArrivalTime


OGame Automizer are linked with those Projects :
Orbacus, CORBA 2.6 compliant middleware : http://web.progress.com/en/orbacus/index.html (Developer License)
omniORB, CORBA 2.6 compliant naming server : http://omniorb.sourceforge.net (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Charts based on jfreechart : http://www.jfree.org (License: LGPL)
Integrated Database is Apache Derby : http://db.apache.org/derby/ (License: Apache License, Version 2.0)
Skin System based on Substance : https://substance.dev.java.net/ (Copyright (c) 2005-2009, Kirill Grouchnikov and contributors)
Integrated Browser based on dj Project (SWT Eclipse) : http://djproject.sourceforge.net/ns/index.html (License: LGPL)
SWT Eclipse : http://www.eclipse.org/swt/ (Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 : http://www.eclipse.org/legal/epl-v10.html)
MP3 Player based on MP3SPI 1.9.4 : http://www.javazoom.net/mp3spi/mp3spi.html (License: GPL)
Mail System based on JavaMail API Release : http://java.sun.com/products/javamail/ (Copyright (c) Sun Microsystems), integrated in JRE 1.6 and higher
Battle Simulator based on modified JOBSIM Project : http://sourceforge.net/projects/jobsim/ (License: GPL)
SystemIORedirect by John D. Mitchell, Jun 16, 1997 (License: GPL)
PHP Google API : Copyright (c) 2005-2008 Zend Technologies USA Inc. (http://www.zend.com) (New BSD License)
PHP SMS Scripted by Ivan Lopez : http://lopezivan.blogspot.com/2007/05/usando-el-api-de-google-calendar.html (License: GPL)

Dev. Tools
Eclipse 3.X (IDE)
www.db-main.eu (Database relational schema designer)
JVisualVM, in JRE 1.6 bin folder (java profiler)
Proguard 4.5, Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and preverifier : http://proguard.sourceforge.net (License: LGPL)
FindBugs™, findbugs.sourceforge.net : (a program which uses static analysis to look for bugs in Java code)
OGameAutomizer uses Unicode (see http://www.unicode.org and http://www.unicode.org/standard/WhatIsUnicode.html)


.92 : fix in galaxy page parsing, fix in http proxy connector, fix in Auto transport, fix in Fleet Saver
.91 : Fleet Slots limit detection fixed for an incoming OGame version, fixs for espionage report parsing, added upper limit 3590 to planet update, fix in Auto transport, corrections in Resources Gathering, fix in planets detection, Construction Sim speed increased up to 2x, fix in Fleet Saver, added several icons, languages have been updated
.90 : Construction Sim speed increased up to 4x, Fleet Saver corrected, fixs in Hunter, Ships/Defs Builder limit updated to 999.999, added several icons, languages have been updated
.89 : added Builder Tab, added "Select & Spy" option to Enemies selector, Reduced Overall memory usage by tuning DB and VM start up params, languages have been updated
.88 : fix in FS (Save only on no attacked planet), added SSL and cookie management in OGame Web Access, added max deuterium usage for any fleet sent by Bot&Hunter, reduced CPU usage (Hunter & Overview), languages have been updated
.87 : Optimized Construction Sim (priority to Robotic Factory/Nanites if too much resources are available), GUI Tables fixs, fix in connection handler, fixs in server back end and in client's reconnection, corrections in database, languages have been updated
.86 : OGame Web access and OA Web access Proof of concept (php front end, server back end, server-client communication), fix in Threading stop method, languages have been updated
.85 : fix for JRE 1.5 (mainly Mac OS), added more 'BusyBox' popups, fixed double Moon detection in fleet movements, fixs in Hunter Enemies selector, fixed French translation, languages have been updated
.84 : fixs for OGame 1.2.1, added 'BusyBox' popups, address fix on Proxy localhost <=>, full support of UTF-8 on Web site (OA Accounts), fixs in Ships(Spy,Bomber) Speed calculation, DB memory usage reduced, languages have been updated
.83 : additional queue based planets update method => FS is more sure, added expedition slots detection, fixs in Fleet Sender, code optimization (cpu/memory usage reduced), a fix in getLastSpyReport, languages have been updated
.82 : Java bytecode obfuscated and optimized => 40% of instruction deleted and gain in speed/memory usage reduced by 10%, code analysed/corrected with FindBugs™, added expedition holding time, fixs in Construction Sim, fixs in DB monitor, fixs in OA Server Side, min. attack time in Hunter reduced (60/uniSpeed), languages have been updated
.81 : fixs in Bot (linked to avoid planet option), fix in Galaxy page parsing, fix in configs loading (sync with OA Server)
.80 : fixs in Fleet Sander GUI, added an option in Anti-Bashing protection, fix in Options saving, fix in OA Server Side, languages have been updated
.79 : fixs in the Bot, added options in Fleet Sander, added Anti-Bashing protection, added option 'Avoid Planet', Construction Sim corrected, Astrophysic Cost corrected, Timeout Tuning in connection handler, fixs in Auto Recycler, languages have been updated
.77/.78 : fixes in local Proxy Server side, force OA resim construction list if available resources have changed, logout detection improved, hunter options have been tunned, more options in Hunter are saved, languages have been updated
.76 : infinite loop fixed (1x CPU 100%) in Combat Sim during optimal fleet search, boost for GUI Bot/Hunter Tables update
.75 : fix Combat Sim calculation with Shield Domes, fixed parsing for planets name with phalanx, languages have been updated
.74 : new database engine (Apache Derby) => fast & furious, added options to Recycler, added additional parsing for moons, languages have been updated
.73 : database optimizations, memory leak (re)fixed in Combat Sim
.72 : (re)fixed wrong Combat Sim calculation with Shield Domes
.71 : a huge memory leak (re)fixed in Combat Sim
.70 : applied 'plunder algorithm' for calculation of needed transports, fixed wrong Combat Sim calculation with Shield Domes, a huge memory leak fixed in Combat Sim, optimizations in fleet selection
.69 : fix in the Bot, fixs in drop down options
.68 : optimizations in fleet selection, fixs in drop down options, languages have been updated
.67 : added new options in Hunter and some in Bot&DB, added buttons in Fleet Sender, Send to Battle Sim corrected, fixs in logon function and session key checking, fixs in database loading, languages have been updated
.66 : corrections in Planet Names detection on no English unis, corrections in player's activity parsing
.65 : corrections in player's last activity parsing, corrections in evaluation of attack fleet, disabled 0.0 value for priority calculation
.64 : corrections in Scheduled Fleet Sender, corrections in Hunter (Hunter recycles), corrections in return missions detection on no English accounts, correction is bots (concurrent modifications), dynamic session key replacement in browser, automatic OA login change
.63 : corrections in probes sending and evaluation of attack fleet, big optimizations for tables visual updates => less cpu usage
.62 : bug fixes & optimizations, corrections in Hunter, scheduler Gui reintroduced, languages have been updated
.61 : correction in Battle Sim, memory limit increased, 'Disable Maximization of Fleet Slots Usage' added
.60 : avoid alliances option added, sms notification corrected, reduced memory usage, lost probes are detected, corrected http proxy connection, corrections in Debris history, hunter recycles now, enemies selector/unselector added, automated recycler added, bot for inactives has been tuned, languages have been updated
.58/.59 : bug in tech investment corrected, corrections in Hunter, Maintain Quantity in ships builder added, Scheduled Fleet Sender 'When Possible' option added, corrected HTTP proxy connection for OA serial checking, languages have been updated
.57 : Hellenic (Greek) Language added
.56 : maximization of fleet slots usage, threads priority normalization, added stronger parsing, fixs in scheduled fleet sending, corrected proxy connection for OA serial checking, languages have been updated
.55 : Battle Sim optimized 10-15% faster, a little bit batter Fleet selection for attacks, languages have been updated
.54 : Corrected Automized Transport system, Small Cargo speed calculation for speedy uni corrected, languages have been updated
.53 : FREE SMS notification corrected, ACS detected, OA main page update speed uped, fleet speed calculation for speedy uni corrected, bot attack fleet selection optimized a little, languages have been updated
.52 : FREE SMS notification added, back compatibility with JRE 1.5 (For old Mac OSs), OA update system improved, fixed construction simulator and highly improved, a slightly improved transport system, languages have been updated

2008/05/15 v0.99
Construction Simulator, Automized Planet Development
2008/03/29 v0.97
SQL Embedded Database, Auto-Attacking ACTIVE WITH/WITHOUT DEFENSES, Upgraded Update System, Run extern program in case of attack
2007/12/24 v0.90
Http requests have been modified, Threading problems fixed (OA 100% stable), Bot optimizations
2007/11/29 v0.88
Skins support,  0.78 is supported
2007/11/07 v0.84
2007/10/23 v0.78
Integrated Battle Simulator
2007/10/21 v0.74
Universal Fleet Sander
2007/09/30 v0.70
Multi Account Management
2007/09/03 v0.66
E-mail you if attacked, Proxy connection supported, bot activity scheduler
2007/07/27 v0.60
Languages support
2007/07/21 v0.58
Construction Queue for Buildings/Tech, 0.76d is supported
2007/06/28 v0.54
Saving configurations, integrated Internet Browser, autologon
2007/06/19 v0.48
Spying the players activity
2007/06/16 v0.45
Players Data Base File
2007/06/02 v0.40
Web Browser (without JavaScript support)
2007/06/01 v0.36
Mp3 support, new massages window (with OGame skin), new sound 'your attack is arriving to destination'
2007/05/31 v0.35
On Java 1.6 only : Tray Icon, Online Support link from the program
2007/05/26 v0.32.7
add fleet detection on planet
2007/05/20 v0.30
Auto transport
2007/05/15 v0.25
Dynamic update of feet and resources
2007/05/14 v0.23
Automized Investment Buildings/Techs
2007/05/12 v0.20
Threading, time triggers and updates fixing, Gui of Transport/Resources Gathering, Shutdown works
2007/05/11 v0.15
Threading, time triggers, sounds, spy and attack detection
2007/05/10 v0.12
fleets mouvements list
2007/05/9 v0.10
planets lists
2007/05/8 v0.05
released some basic functions like : logon, download any pages, send a fleet ( ethereal rocks :) )

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